Automatic centrifuge

Automatic centrifuge
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  • Centrifugal precipitation machine Product model: cma-20 automatic centrifugal precipitator: fully automatic loading and unloading, one person can easily operate 20 sets to effectively improve the concentration of color areas, improve the bin rate and reduce inventory. The influence of rest time on color region is solved. Improve the facula, light more uniform, more effective removal of bubbles. Completely liberated human resources and realized automation. Accept non-standard customization.

  • Plate automatic centrifuge Color area yield, air tightness, spot one-stop solution.

  • Cmc-20 cob centrifugal precipitator Accelerate the precipitation of phosphor and improve the separation concentration of white LED; At most 20 cobs can be centrifuged at a time. The width of the product is 60-75mm and the length is 180mm, which greatly improves the working efficiency and greatly reduces the labor force;

  • Automatic discharge centrifuge Unique structure design, especially suitable for large-scale bracket (bracket width 49-75mm, bracket length 100-280mm)

  • Automatic centrifugal precipitator cma-20 Three advantages Centrifugation of 20-25 pieces of materials for 5-6 minutes with high efficiency. The cost performance ratio is more than 30% higher than that of similar products on the market. The patented positioning device is not jammed.

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