Vacuum agitation defoamer

Vacuum agitation defoamer
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  • Small vacuum stirring defoamer The machine is mainly used in the mixing and mixing fields of high, sharp and refined materials such as LED, LCD, SMT, medical devices, electronic components, nano molecular materials, fine chemical materials, printing electronic materials, electronic packaging materials and new energy materials.

  • Non vacuum defoaming mixer tm-310tt Because of the vacuum device, the defoaming force can be greatly improved. It can remove more fine bubbles, so it can be expected to improve the electrical conductivity and insulation required in electronic materials, reduce the defect rate caused by bubbles in optical materials, and prevent the air beating of needle cylinder.

  • Rotary vacuum defoamer The high viscosity slurry was stirred, dispersed and defoaming by gravity in a non-contact vessel;

  • CNC vacuum mixer ​Tmv-310tt vacuum defoaming mixer is a planetary centrifugal mixer, which is mainly used to mix liquid or powder materials, and achieve the defoaming effect at the same time.

  • Numerical control vacuum defoamer The well received tmv-310t agitation and defoamer machine can use lead-free to process the solder paste into the viscosity most suitable for SMT engineering, which is most suitable for high-quality printing of high-density solid packaging, and can also perform excellent operations for other liquid mixing and mixing of liquid and powder. To achieve satisfactory results.

  • Non contact vacuum agitation defoamer ​Advantages of vacuum defoaming mixer products: the latest sealing technology, magnetic fluid sealing technology, ensures that the vacuum pressure does not run off (Aerospace sealing technology). Senior industrial designers operate the knife. The shape of vacuum defoaming mixer is simple and practical, while it is simple, beautiful and atmospheric.

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