About Us

    Founded in 2008, Smida is a high-tech company integrating automation solution consultation  R&D, manufacturing, sales, as well as after-sales services. Smida has been granted the trademark registration certificate in Chinese and English and licensed with imports and exports right independently.

    Our core team’s members all have more than ten years of industry experiences. Our mission is to become an excellent equipment manufacturer by upholding the principle of “meticulous design and conscientious manufacturing”, and to create value for our customers with quality products and professional services based on win-win cooperation. With all our endeavors, we seek to provide our customers with sustainable services .

    Meanwhile, we hold the product quality as our core value . We believe that major manufacturing enterprises will dominate the manufacturing sector in the future and that such enterprises will increasingly resort to automation to meet their production needs. When more and more enterprises use equipment, the stability of the equipment will become very important. At Smida, we take it as our responsibility to design equipment with high stability and easy operation in order to meet the requirements of smart manufacturers.

    As our equipment has been tested, purchased in volumes, and used by various major enterprises over a long term, we are confident that it can meet your requirements for quality equipment. So, select us, and you will get professionalism and peace of mind! We are looking forward to hearing from you …

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