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SMIDA attend 2017 South china (Guangzhou) advanced laser and process application exhibition

South china, as the manufacturing center and the most intensive light industrial area in the country, has always been the focus of laser and optoelectronics industrial . The south China(Guangzhou) advanced laser and process application exhibition is an excellent platform for laser application market you should not miss.

The exhibition fully demonstrated the advanced laser manufacturing technology, including laser cutting, laser welding, laser drilling, laser marking, laser engraving, , laser etching, laser cladding, laser hardening, etc .; and high-end smart equipment, such as industrial robots, automated production lines, machine vision systems.

In the same period of the show, 2017 South China International Photonic Intelligent Manufacturing and Application Technology Conference will be held,which includes "South China Laser Processing Application Market Summit", "International Advanced Laser Innovation Technology Forum" and "South China Additive Manufacturing Technology Forum". And "National Laser Safety Training Course”.

Our country is at a critical period of transition from a big manufacturing country to an intelligent manufacturing power. The traditional equipment and production technology are in urgent need of upgrading and rapidly entering the era of light manufacturing. As an advanced manufacturing technology, laser processing has been widely used in important sectors of national economy such as machinery manufacturing, automobiles, electronic devices, microelectronics, iron and steel metallurgy, aerospace and other industries.

The forum closely integrated with the laser processing applications in South China market,, invited laser experts to have a detail description about laser processing in automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, mold manufacturing and repair applications, and build a platform for further exchanges and cooperation,. The experts report deeply interpreted the development of laser cutting-edge technology and laser industry trends, and brought a new audio-visual enjoyment to the industry peers.