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Thermal silica-Planetary centrifugal mixer/Vacuum defoaming mixer


       Thermally conductive silica gel can be fully mixed evenly within 5 minutes by using SMIDA TT series vacuum defoaming mixer at the maximum speed of 2100rpm and setting 3 parameters. The mixing capacity can be selected up to 4000ml, and the smallest volume of our mixing cup is 12ml. Fully meet the needs of customers for different capacities of the experiment, and the mixing effect has been unanimously recognized and praised by customers. 

         TT series is means our rotation and revolution speed are both can be adjusted, and can control the tempreture because of the high speed.

          Our TT series had  for 300ml/700ml/1500ml/2000ml/4000ml for your choices, also we had different adaptors for other different capacity cup, also we can make the adaptor based on the cutomer's cup.

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